The Breakfast Club lets you vent every morning during the 6 o clock hour.   You can either tell us why your mad or why you are blessed.  There were some epic stories this morning  on Tell Em Why You Mad
  • One woman called in to tell the story of how her boyfriend broke up with her and moved in with a whole new woman.  Charlamagne’s advice for her was find a whole new man.
  • One man who recently went to Dorney Park and was arrested for assaulting a security officer at the park.  He was held in court for two days before he could even post bail and proclaimed his innocence.
  • Another listener called in about the recent racial injustices that have been going on in America. He then pleaded for everyone to get along and how the killing of Philandro Castile have him feeling lost.
  • The Final listener checked in to tell a story about racial injustice at his job.  Apparently his job has a problem with him collecting over time and have started to monitor his work progresss. He complains since he is the only African American at his workplace and no on else has to jump through these hoops
When I listen to tell em why you're mad on the daily one lesson can be taken from everyone else’s problems. Life is not fair, join the Breakfast Club tomorrow morning and Tell Em Why Your Mad, during the 6 o clock hour.

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