Today is “Take Your Child To Work Day”. I’m surprised at how many people actually do this. I don’t have any children myself, but I can’t imagine trying to accomplish my day-to-day tasks with an ankle biter sitting next to me, miserably bored all day.

I guess more than anything it depends on what type of job you have. If my kid wanted to watch me do my radio show that would be fine, but I do a lot more each day than talk into a mic and play songs. I guarantee this blog would take up half my day if I had a kid here with me (unless the kid had an iPad).

So what jobs should you never take your kid to?


There's a lot of construction happening around the Capital but if the kid doesn’t play with legos or erector sets you’ll probably bore em’ to tears. Not to mention, there aren’t usually computers to keep the kid occupied… only nail guns. Do you really want your kid to shoot half his face off with a nail gun?

Antique Shop

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “bull in a china shop”. You can put “kid in an antique shop” in that same category. Kids have to touch EVERYTHING, including 90 year old objects worth more than his future student loans.

MMA Fighter

“Look kid, this is how you get punched in the face. Look kid, this is how you get disgusting lumps of puss in your ears – it’s called cauliflower ear.”

Business Executive

The last thing you need in the middle of a big budget meeting is to hear your kid screaming from the conference room bathroom because he’s ready for you to wipe his rear-end.
Horasis, flickr

What are some other careers you should NEVER take your kid to for “Take Your Kid To Work Day”?