Taio Cruz promises to “drive you like a ‘Fast Car’” on his latest release, a track produced by Max Martin and Klas Ahlund that premiered online.

The song opens with a gentle melody and Cruz singing about an internal struggle, which makes it seem as though the tune might be a ballad. But soon enough, a light dance beat kicks in as the singer delivers the hook, “Girl you really turn me on, on, on, on / You know you make my engine run, run, run, run / And there’s no turning back cause we’ve gone too far / I’ll drive you like a fast car.

The vehicle metaphors continue in lines like, I go full throttle down the dark streets” and “It’s like I’m running through a red light.” The gist of the story is that Cruz wasn’t looking for love, but it found him unexpectedly, and now he couldn’t be happier.

‘Fast Car’ appears on some international editions of Cruz’s 2011 album ‘TY.O’ and will be Cruz’s new single in the U.S. We appreciate the way the song deftly disguises a sappy message into a tougher-sounding track about cars, and its pleasant melody makes it a potential hit.


Listen to Taio Cruz, ‘Fast Car’

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