Frank Ocean surprised his fans by releasing his debut album ‘Channel Orange’ on iTunes a week earlier before the physical CD release. For those of you who are waiting to buy the physical copy on July 17, there’s an added bonus track called ‘Golden Girl,’ featuring Odd Future leader Tyler, the Creator.

‘Golden Girl’ is a breezy, sunshine-y ballad that features Ocean singing lovingly about an island girl he meets while on vacation. The soothing tune boasts a bongo beat, light keyboard synths and the claming sounds of the ocean and sea gulls. It’s the perfect song to play on those warm romantic nights on the beach.

On the track, Ocean offers a picturesque view of his surroundings and a beautiful description of the woman that catches his eye. “You are my golden girl / You are the one I chosen girl / You’re 24K / You make it bright when it’s grey, yeah,” he sings.

Tyler, the Creator spits a rather macabre rhyme near the end of the song, rapping “You my g-o-l-d-e-n g-i-r-l / That’s for the females who can’t spell / Umm thanks for f—ing with me / Your my dark in the light / Your like a bucket of bleach.” We can only guess that Tyler is not a romantic type of guy.

According to Billboard, Ocean’s ‘Channel Orange’ album is on the fast track to move between 100,000 and 120,000 copies this week, despite Target not stocking the album on its shelves. Ocean doesn’t seem bothered by Target’s decision. “Blame it on a generational gap,” he tweeted to fans while directing them to another big-box store. “Best Buy on deck though.”

In the end, Frank Ocean has captured the mind, hearts and ears of this generation with his new album. Take a listen now.

Listen to Frank Ocean, ‘Golden Girl’ Feat. Tyler, the Creator