Best Mixtapes
This year, fans downloaded a crazy amount of great mixtape releases. So without further ado, here are the 20 Best Mixtapes of 2015.
Tink Shoutouts Her Top 3 Female Rapper Idols [VIDEO]
It ain't easy for females in the game to come together & unite.  Whether the ladies of hip hop & R&B are guilty of hatin on each other or ego trippin, they need to realize the power & influence they have in their hands.  Newcomer Tink showed love to the…
Tink’s XXL Freshman Freestyle Is Here [VIDEO]
No rapper has generated quite a huge buzz and fan base than Chicago native Tink. The 21-year-old rhymer and singer has already released several mixtapes, including 'Winter’s Diary 2: Forever Yours,' and is poised to be the next big artist in rap. Now she’s here for her XXL Fr…
Ratchet Tink
If you haven't heard by now, Timbaland's protegee Tink is the real deal. She spits straight fire, has a ridiculously unique singing voice and writes dope lyrics. Now she drops the video for her new song "Ratchet Commandments," the first single off her debut album.
Top 10
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Download Or Delete
Thou Shalt Not be Ratchet ! New music from Tink called Ratchet Commandments. Ladies feel free to retweet and repost this. It seems like class is a thing of the past here is new music from Tink talking about the rachetness of the society we live in...
Super producer Timbaland has just blessed the internet with a dope track called 'UFO' that features rapper-singer Think and OutKast rhymer Andre 3000.
Tink - 'Tell The Children'
Timbaland, "Tell the Children" is a protest record that features Tink singing a somber interpolation of the hook ("You Better Watch Out") from Lauryn Hill's "Doo Wop (That Thing)," meant in this case as a warning to children like Mike Brown …