If you haven't heard by now, Timbaland's protegee Tink is the real deal. She spits straight fire, has a ridiculously unique singing voice and writes dope lyrics. Now she drops the video for her new song "Ratchet Commandments," the first single off her debut album.

Throughout the visuals, you'll find the 19-year-old rhyming in a rundown classroom, a back alley and a makeshift church. Timb mostly plays the background and lets Tink do her thing.

The impressive cut is a play off Biggie's classic "Ten Crack Commandments," but the Chicago native does a stellar job of borrowing just pieces of the song and delivering her own message. She also displays some dancing skills in the clip and shows enough charisma to potentially make her a star.

As far as her wardrobe choices, Tink changes clothes throughout, dressing up as an Egyptian queen and as a gospel preacher. She also sports a nylon blue jacket and jeans, giving us a glimpse at her simple, but cool personal style.

Plus, Timbaland's artist casually switches back and forth from rapping to singing in the cut, and she explained how she does it in a recent interview. "I'm in a totally different mindset when I'm singing," said Tink in an interview with Complex. "When I'm rapping, like a turn up song, I'm thinking about what the people want to hear, this is what they're going to like. When I'm singing, I'm like telling my story. I'm not worried if people like it, I'm just trying to be truthful."

Watch Tink deliver her warning in the "Rachet Commandments" video above.

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