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Most Watch Super Bowl For The Ads
It's a tradition that many of us can't remember when it started, but the Super Bowl just isn't about the big game anymore - it's about the ads too!
Each year, companies dump millions upon millions of dollars for ad placement during the big game. And each year, many who don't …
Local Super Bowl Ties
The Baltimore Ravens are preparing for the biggest sporting event of the year when they take on the San Francisco 49ers in New Orleans on Sunday. This will be the final game of Ravens linebacker, Ray Lewis’s historic career. Ray was drafted by the Ravens in 1996 and has played his en…
Strange Super Bowl Bets 2013
Do you plan on placing bets on the big game this weekend? There’s a whole lot more to wager on than just the spread, winner and loser. Through various online gambling sites, you can bet on everything from the coin flip to who the MVP will thank first during his post-game speech.
Best Super Bowl Snacks
Are you having a big game party this weekend? Want to know the best way to put a muzzle on your friends who are 49er or Ravens fans? Put together a swaggin’ spread, of course!
Super Halftime Shows
There's less than a week left till we see the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers duke it out in Super Bowl XLVII, but also Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams will be taking the stage together for the first time in seven years during the year's largest football game's h…
Beyonce Rehearsal Photo
Beyonce has shared another photo of herself during the rehearsals for next week's Super Bowl. However, some people are speculating about whether or not the singer is referencing the lip-sync drama regarding the second inauguration of President Barack Obama with her rehearsal attire.
Dre Picks Ravens
Dr. Dre is picking the Baltimore Ravens to defeat the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl. One would assume Dre would go with his home-state squad, but he’ll be rooting for Ray Lewis and company come Sunday, February 3rd.
Destiny's Child Reunion
Are you ready for this jelly?
Beyonce will be joined by Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland for her highly anticipated Super Bowl halftime performance. Destiny's Child is back!
Us Weekly reports that Bey will begin the show solo, with Rowland and Williams joining about midway through...
Beyonce At The Half
The Super Bowl half time show will officially NOT suck this year. Beyonce will hit the stage at halftime of the big game at the Superdome in New Orleans on February 3rd. This is a refreshing improvement compared to an older, dusty version of the woman we once knew as Madonna last year.