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Ja Rule Made His Own Food In Prison
Former Murder Inc. rapper Ja Rule was released from a two-year prison sentence in May. While doing interviews around the country he hasn’t shied away from questions regarding prison life. He said that he watched a lot of Knicks games and made several friends while in the clink, and, …
Ja Rule Talks Prison
Ja Rule was arrested for weapons possession in 2007. After also being convicted of failing to pay federal taxes, he served almost two years in prison. So what’s it like to be a famous face in that type of setting? Did he have a target on his back? Apparently not! Ja actually compared…
Ja Reunion?
Ashanti might be reuniting in the studio with long-time collaborator, Ja Rule! Now that Ja is out of prison, he’s anxious to get back in the game. Ashanti shared details about a recent phone conversation she had with the all-mighty RULE.
Ja Rule Released
Ja Rule has apparently been released from prison. N.O.R.E. dropped a tweet today (May 7), indicating that he spoke to the long incarcerated rapper and instructing fans to welcome the legally troubled star home.
Can Ja Rule Again?
Ja Rule may be in jail and quiet on the music front, but his former labelmate Ashanti still thinks that the Murda Inc. rapper has what it takes to return to the top.
Ja Rule In Jail
Being a leap year baby, Ja Rule can essentially pick one of two different days to celebrate his born day. But unfortunately, he will spend his 37th birthday behind bars.
Ja Rule Released
The last few years have been rough for rapper Ja Rule. He's done serving his time in a state prison for weapons possession, but now he has more time to serve.
When Will Ja Rule Be Released From Prison?
“Free at last, free at last. Thank God, almighty. We’re free at last!” Soon… but not yet for Ja Rule. The all mighty RULE was sent to prison in June of 2011, but is scheduled to be released in months.