Ja Rule and 50 Cent have been beefing with one another on and off for well over the past decade. After Fif stated Tuesday (Nov. 6) that their beef will continue until “one of them is no longer here,” Ja Rule has decided he disagrees, sharing one last thought on the matter.

During his post, which arrives the day after the pair went back and forth on social media and 50 allegedly blocked his opponent's account, Ja begins by saying he wants to get serious for a moment.

“This will be my last post about @50cent and I wanna be serious for second and just say me and this man went back and forth yesterday like school kids…” Ja shared, captioning a throwback photo of 50 Cent and Donald Trump. “But not once did I see him use his platform of 20 million followers for ANYTHING uplifting I’m sure he didn’t vote didn’t encourage anyone to vote only Tom fucking foolery tearing down other ppl of color always talking shit with yo stink breath ass.”

He then has one final message for the veteran rapper, adding, “EVERYONE is tired of you... let’s STOP supporting ppl who don’t support their own you boot licking ring kissing COON…”

50 Cent has not yet responded, which could be because if he really did block Ja, he won’t be able to see it.

Their ongoing beef reached a new level recently, stemming from 50’s decision to buy 200 seats to one of Ja Rule’s upcoming concerts so the front section would be empty. As such, the two rappers have been firing shots at one another on social media, with today’s post possibly signifying the end of both parties entertaining the beef.

See Ja Rule’s possibly final message to 50 Cent below.

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