Gabrielle Union

Friday Juice: Brunch With Books
I know where all the ladies will be having Brunch at this Sunday Umana Wine Bar. This is an event tailored just for the ladies. Friday Juice will have the Sunday vibes on lock, with their latest Brunch with Books event
Gabrielle Union Claps Back
People are still buzzing about Stacey Dash's comments about the BET Awards and Black History Month. Stacey Dash has given the best response of anyone I have heard so far. I really don't understand what credentials Stacey Dash has to be a correspondent for any news station...
To celebrate the magazine's print run, we assembled every cover shot since its start in 2002. Go down memory lane and take a look at some of the beautiful women that grace the cover of KING magazine.
Gabrielle Union-Wade Shows Us Dress Number 2!
Get The tea on all your celebrities right here as I give you The 411!
So the all new Mrs Wade aka Gabrielle Union in light of her nude pictures getting leaked she decided to show us her #TBT picture of her second dress that she wore for her wedding...
Congrats To Mr. & Mrs. Wade!
Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade’s became one today! The couple walked down the aisle at “Chateau Artisan” , a moated castle  hidden in Miami, Florida this afternoon.
It was made clear that Wade and Union wanted to keep their wedding day private as poss…
The 411 With ADRI V The Go Getta
So it looks like the Save The Date's have been sent out and I didn't get one?!?!?
TMZ got a hold of the save the date reminders and it look like D. Wade and Gabrielle Union are rumored to be set to marry August 30, 2014.
The couple have been through a lot this year from the proposal and  the new addit…