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Mr. 2 Chainz is making 2015 yet another year to make ish happen. Kicking off at the top of the year  he decided to release his new single "Road Dawg". He teamed up with DJ Spinz for the mixtape  T.R.U. Jack City with other fea...
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The rumor "Mill" is going and so is social media.  So rumor has it with many sources backing that Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj are a new item. With Nicki being newly single she recently shared with the world a gift she got and every one including her barbz believe it&CloseCurlyQu…
Red Bull Refunds
I have been a drinker of Red Bull since I can remember so it shocked me to find this out.
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Ever need something to keep you going? Something that was going to give you a spark or boost in your step? Well Monday-Friday I come to you with a shot of inspiration as I give you The Go Getta Motivational Minute.
Todays message in The Go Getta Motivational Minute is all about "Doing It Now&quo…
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What Would You Do? #WWYD
So on this weeks episode of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Mimi Faust found out that her boyfriend and partner in her sex tape is officially married and never planned to tell her!
Check out this weeks episode and tell me  What Would You Do? #WW...
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Monday-Friday I always look forward to giving you The Go Getta Motivational Minute. I hope what I say helps or motivated you because at some point it has helped me. Today I want you to work hard to stop saying this word...Bored! I feel in life a person who has dreams goals and aspirations should NEV…
The 411 With ADRI V The Go Getta
Do you remember the so called beef that Drake and Common had? Well the truth comes out as Common shares at the end of the day it was all over Serena Williams his ex girl-friend. Checkout exactly what common had to say!
Common New Album Nobody’s Smiling hits stores on July 22nd
Spilling The Tea Giving You The 411
It Tea TIME!! Spilling the tea on all your favorite celebrities giving you The 411 Putting you in the Know, If you ain't already Know!
Well it looks like besides much heart break and jail letters and calls there are some benefits to being Chris Brown Girlfriend...
The 411 With ADRI V The Go Getta
Looks like we have another Dr. in the Hip Hop and R & B family! Today Jill Scott heads back to her alma mater to receive an honorary doctorate from her alma mater, Temple University!
Not only is she a  3-time Grammy Award winner, actresss and a true Philadelphia who has always stayed true to her…
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The Houston family have had their share of issues and it seems as though its not over.
Pat Houston, the aunt of Bobbi Kristina has reportedly got a restraining order against Nick Gordon Bobbi Kristina husband. He has been order to stay away until next year from Pat Houston and her immediate family ac…
The 411 With ADRI V The Go Getta
A big congratulations is in order for producer Swizz Beatz who announced he was accepted into the Harvard Business School President Management Program.
Who knew that the Bronz born kid now super producer and creative director would be attending an Ivy League school...
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Micheal Jackson Is Back! #The411WithADRIV
Its time to put you "In The Know If You Aint Already Know" With ADRI V The Go Getta
MJ Is Back! Micheal Jackson new song "Xscape" in full has hit the internet for all his fans to check out. The album "Xscape" creation is lead by L.A. Reid bu…