K-Pop girl group T-ara N4 had their dreams come true in Los Angeles on May 12. They ladies met American pop star Chris Brown. Something tells us Rihanna doesn't share their feelings.

Breezy apparently sent a limo to greet them, in addition to 18 bodyguards (!!!) to escort the ladies from the airport to where they were decamping. That's like 4.5 bodyguards per member. When the girls met Breezy, supposedly on a music video set, he was warm and told them he had been wanting to meet them.

The ladies reportedly thanked him for liking their 'Countryside Diaries' EP and for inviting them to the U.S. They also gifted him with a ceramic vase. "We weren’t sure what kind of gift to give him, but we thought a beautiful traditional Korean vase would be appropriate in conveying Korea’s rich culture," the ladies said about their choice of gesture. Breezy turned on the flirt, saying he "didn't know there were ceramic vases this beautiful."

The group is meeting with members of Breezy's team in the industry while here, returning to Korea on Thursday or Friday.

Sounds like Breezy is taking T-ara N4 under his wing. Hopefully, he will keep the vase in a safe place in his L.A. home since he has some pretty pissed neighbors about his toothy, goblin-y graffiti art.

Here he is unwrapping the vase.


Oh, and here he is posing with the girls and the vase, his new piece of home decor.


Breezy looks happy to be exchanging pleasantries with the girls of T-ara N4.


East meets West.


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