We’ve all experienced that awkward first date. You don’t feel comfortable for whatever reason and the rest of the evening is just cringeworthy. You may be misreading some signs or overthinking the situation but one thing’s for certain, both you and your date -- more likely than not -- just want the evening to be over. Atlantic Records signee Trevor Jackson is just starting out in the dating world but even he says that he’s had his share of terrible first dates. The 16-year-old R&B crooner spoke with TheDrop.fm to share five things he’d do in order to save a bad night out with a pretty girl.

1. Lighten the Mood

“I feel like when a girl is in an awkward situation, that’s when you get to see how she handles certain situations. If it was awkward, I’d just see how she reacts, like if something were to happen or someone was to ask a question. Then the way she reacts would give me more information on who she is and how she handles situations in life. I guess I’d kinda be analyzing. But to save it, I’d probably make a joke or ask a question to get out of it.”

2. Take Your Time

“If I made it awkward on my part I’d just say ‘Excuse me,’ and take a minute to see what I’m gonna say.”

3. Switch the Scene

“I’d invite her to the studio if things were going bad, or maybe she could come and play basketball, just to see what she’s into so we can make sure we don’t have an awkward situation again. I could see what makes her happy, what makes her smile.”

4. Tune Up

“I would probably sing a song off the top of my head, sing ‘Apologize’ just to be funny, or just make it up as I went along.”

5. Get to the Point

“I like to address situations. I don’t like to go on until I know what the problem was, what made her upset or what made it awkward. So I’d just ask her, like, ‘Do you feel awkward right now? Why?’ That way it’d open her up and she could just be more comfortable with me. It would let her know, like, ‘You don’t have to feel awkward in front of me. I’m here to make you happy. I’m not gonna judge you.’”

Trevor Jackson is currently preparing his as-yet-untitled debut LP for release under Atlantic Records. The first single, ‘Like We Grown,’ can be found on iTunes.

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