Although Damon Dash is mired in reported financial debt, the rap mogul vows that he will bounce back financially.

In an exclusive interview with New York Daily News, the Harlem native says he's still on his grind and that his money issues come with being an independent businessman.

“I can’t touch my money. I can’t pay certain bills," he says. "But I’m still working every day. It’s not stopping me from hustling. I am an entrepreneur. I am real."

As we previously reported, Dash recently filed court documents asking a judge to not garnish his wages. Among some of his mounting bills that he owes to people includes rent on a mansion in upstate New York and possible back taxes in both New Jersey and New York.

"I’m in transition. I’ve been moving around on business," he explains about owing back rent on the sprawling mansion. "It’s too cold to be upstate in the wintertime."

The 42-year-old executive is among several notable celebrities, like Lauryn Hill and Mathew Knowles, who are going through financial problems in recent months.

Dash, who owns art galleries in New York and Hong Kong, insists that his debtors will be paid back, eventually.

"As soon as I get the money, I’ll pay it back,” he vows. “It doesn’t mean they’re going to get paid immediately, but I’m gonna try to figure it out.”

“I don’t ever remember not having problems, but it’s a game that I choose to play," he adds.

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