There's a new show premiering on Netflix Wednesday night, July 28th, that will feature some really horrible tattoos, some amazing tattoo artists trying to fix those bad tattoos, and a funny and charismatic host how hails from Upstate New York.

The show is "Tattoo Redo" and it's hosted by Syracuse's Jessimae Peluso. Now, there have been other "fix my tattoo" and tattoo competition shows in the past, like "Ink Masters", but this show has a nice twist that sounds interesting.

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The show is bringing together five of the most talented tattoo artists to fix their bad tattoos. According to the article at there is one "tramp stamp" tattoo that shocked show host Jessimae Peluso to her core. Personally, I can't wait to see that one.

So, what about the twist on this show? Well, instead of just coming on the show to have your horrible tattoo fixed or covered up. The person that is bringing in the poorly inked guest gets to choose the design or modification to "fix" the tattoo. They even have to wear one of those dog cones or stick their arm through a hole so they can't see what the new tattoo looks like until the big reveal.

Personally, I wouldn't trust my friends with that kind of power for anything. Knowing my luck, my friends would cover my regrettable shark tattoo on my ankle with some inked Pinky Pie from My Little Pony.

Check out "Tattoo Redo" on Netflix premiering Wednesday, July 28th.

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