The Coronavirus is far from being cured as more people are being quarantined as the virus continues to spread. The spread of the coronavirus is causing a lot of public events to cancel. It broke my heart the other day reading that the annual SXSW music festival will not being happening this year due to the spread of the virus . I had already brought my ticket and had everything situated upon my landing. The news broke on CNN saying that this is the first time in the 34 years that it has been canceled, according to the organizers. The music festival happened once a year for a week and half in March . SXSW provides a significant platform for fan and industry exposure alongside networking opportunities with members of the music business whom they may not otherwise encounter.
I’m sad that it’s not happening this year because I was really looking forward to going and this year would of been year 1 for me. However I understand the concerns and trust me I definitely don’t want to catch the coronavirus from traveling state to state with thousands of people.

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