Coko, Taj & LeeLee are coming back for season 2 of their hit reality series! Find out what else the r&b divas are up to!

After the way last season of WE's reality show "SWV: Reunited" ended, I really didn't think SWV was coming back for a second season! The ladies have never gotten along totally & their differences is what broke the group up in the first place.


I have been fortunate enough to check out these r&b legends several times live. And let me tell you, they still got it! Them girls can ssaaannngg!! Amen!

The ladies of SWV got alot of exposure with the reality show, so much so, it's landed them the opportunity to make a come back album & tour!

"SWV: Reunited” season two, premieres Thursday, August 14 at 10/9c on WE.