Looks like the popular Valentine’s Day sweet heart candy will be making an appearance back on store shelves this Valentine’s Day, after missing a year off due to new ownership. According to news channel 13 the popular conversational candy will be back however the taste and sayings might be a little different.

The popular Sweethearts original producer, New England Confectionary Company, went out of business in 2018. Sweethearts then was sold to Spangler Candy, which moved production and then ran into production problems including the need for a new printer for those little sayings.
The company is working on fixing those problems and potentially bringing back favorite flavors such as banana and mint. Until then expect some silent sweethearts meaning you might get a batch with no sayings on it this year until they work out the glitches.
Im not personally a huge fan of sweethearts however they do have cute saying and are much better than the marshmallow ducks they give out on Easter.

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