Chances are if you got your tax refund from the IRS it is already gone. But there is some hope to see a surprise tax refund that could be deposited in your bank account starting this week. This is because some taxpayers overpaid taxes on their unemployment compensation in 2020.

Before the American Rescue Plan Act was signed back on March 11th, millions of tax-paying Americans submitted their 2020 tax returns. The rescue plan made the first ten thousand dollars of unemployment compensation excluded from their taxable income according to News 10 ABC. They filed before it was signed therefore are owed some money. So the IRS is now adjusting the tax refunds for those Americans who filed early and have earned more money.

There are some big exceptions, however. If you are single or married with an adjusted gross income of over one hundred fifty thousand dollars, don't wait by your bank account for your tax exemption. You are not eligible.

If you are eligible you will get a notification in the mail from the IRS. If you have a direct deposit, you might have received it on July 14th. That's when they started sending them out. Paper check surprise refunds should start being received starting today (Friday, July 16th).

There are four-point six million surprise refunds going out across the country. Not sure how many New Yorkers will receive one or those in the Capital Region for that matter. But something tells me that someone I know will be getting a nice amount of money deposited in their accounts from Uncle Sam.

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