UAlbany has made a lot of “top” lists for different reasons. But this one “takes the cake” (pun intended). Complex listed the university as being home to one of the grossest college cafeterias in the country.

I didn’t take my schooling very serious as a freshman at SUNY Plattsburgh (that’s probably why I never made it to my sophomore year at the school). But one thing I took very seriously at Plattsburgh was eating. The freshman 15 quickly became the freshman 30 in 2 semesters. They had a wide variety of dining halls to choose from, all of which were effing delicious. Sure, the food ran right through ya minutes after consuming it, but the squirts were a small price to pay for the tasty meals. Apparently UAlbany students aren’t enjoying the same dining experience I did when I was in college.

According to complex, the average meal plan costs a little over $4,000 per year. The site also lists “student rants” about their beloved State Dining Hall.

“Remember the Plastic Toy Food? That’s what the food here tastes like. If you live off campus, save yourself thousands of dollars and opt out of a meal plan. I’d rather order out every day than eat this food. It is not healthy by any means and tastes like clay.”

What a ringing endorsement! Did you attend UAlbany? What do you think of their food?