A new clip featuring four precocious chicks with shotguns has the Internet in a tizzy. The trailer for 'Spring Breakers' stars Disney chicks Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens as well as Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane.

But what may have everyone scratching their heads is the unrecognizable appearance of James Franco as a corn-rolled-haired rapper-drug dealer named Alien. WTF? What kind of rap name is Alien? Oh well, it's a movie right?

In the trailer, four bored college students take the risk of their lives on spring break by staging some daring robberies under the control of Alien. Eventually, their risk-taking catches up with them in an unfortunate way. Gucci Mane co-stars in the film playing Alien's partner-in-crime named Archie.

As for James Franco's role, apparently, his character is based on goofy YouTube rapper RiFF RaFF. According to MTV Hive, the rapper is honored to have the Oscar-nominee play him in the movie.

"Although there is only one RiFF RaFF, James Franco did his thing," he said. “James Franco has diligently studied my style for months on end and he should win a Grammy.”

Um, that would be an Oscar RiFF RaFF, not a Grammy.

If you guys are interested in this bizarre movie, it will break into theaters March 22.