A couple of days after dropping all of his artists on his SODMG label,
Soulja Boy goes after one of his former SODMG artist, AGoff.

“Tell that n---- AGoff to pull up, n----,” said Soulja Boy in a video that shows him while pacing around his crib. “I’ma beat that n---- the f--- up, n----. On my momma, n----." The "Turn My Swag On" rapper continued to call him a "bitch n----" and threatened that "when I see you I'ma kill you."

The "Turn My Swag On" rapper also addressed why he dropped AGoff from his label in the video. “Yeah I dropped you from SOD ‘cause you’s a bitch,” he said. “You don’t make no hits and you suck, n----. You think you Lil B, n----. You ain’t Lil B, n----. I know Lil B, n----, and you not Based God, n----. You’s a bitch.”

AGoff, who tweeted that he left SODMG months ago, wasn't going to let Soulja Boy have the last word. The rapper also posted a video to respond to Soulja Boy.

“If a n---- say they gon’ kill me...when I see Soulja Boy, I’ma break his face, bruh,” said AGoff to an associate over the phone on video. “I got hands, bruh. It is what it is. When I see bruh, I’ma beat the f--- outta him, bro. On God. On this bad bitch laying on me.”

Technically, we still don't know why they want to fight each other. Hopefully, these two rappers can work their differences out peacefully.

Check out Soulja Boy's heated video above and AGoff's response below.