So, 518, you all sent me to the most friendly, energetic, and eclectic salon EVER! And I'm in love, 518! 

I got the VIP treatment from salon manager, Demone, and my hair was styled by my new found twin, Mariah!

I also got a chance to catch up on some salon-talk as well, and made new friends like Teniyah and Shadaya, who you can find being amazing around the shop any day of the week!

I'm so happy you all recommended such a great salon. I automatically felt like family, and I think I'm now the adopted daughter of beautiful salon owner Jade Gibson, who is a staple in the Albany community with over 20 years of experience!

I look forward to coming back in a few weeks so Mariah can keep this mane in check!

This salon is a perfect, eclectic blend of different stylist and clients. If you need a salon or need to switch to a new salon, consider Jade's.

I highly recommend Jade's Hair Envy on 1839 Central Ave. Support your local businesses, 518. Follow Jade's Hair Envy on Facebook at Jades Hair Envy. They are also on Instagram @JadesHairEnvy and Twitter@JadesHairEnvy.

If you have any suggestions on any places I should be going in the 518, send them to me at

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