A 23 year old Albany man is under arrest after trying to kill his father in an extremely horrifying manner.

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Around 6:50 Wednesday morning, police were called to a home on Orange Street between Chapel Street and Theater Row in Albany for reports of a domestic incident. That's where they say 23 year old Gerald Fraser allegedly forced his parents to sit in chairs, then brutally attacked his 61 year old father, striking him several times with a chair, a vase, and a television. He then poured rubbing alcohol on him in an attempt to set him on fire. The victim was also stabbed several times with a screwdriver.

Fraser's father was treated at the scene by paramedics and taken to Albany Med with serious but non-life threatening injuries. He suffered a large wound to his head, stab wounds to his arms and legs, and fractures to his body including his ribs, face, and spine. His mother was not injured in the attack.

No word on what the attack was all about, but Fraser is facing a very lengthy slew of charges including Attempted Murder, Unlawful Imprisonment, Criminal Possession of a Weapon, Criminal Mischief, and Criminal Contempt.

Fraser is being held in the Albany County Jail. It sounds like Fraser's father will likely recover, but just the description of the manner in which the attack happened is enough to blow your mind.

Big shout out to the Albany PD and EMT's who had to take in this horrifying scene, that cannot be something you can ever prepare to walk into.


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