The verdict for Solo 45's rape case is reportedly in.

According to a report The Guardian published on Wednesday (March 11), the grime artist, who earned fame as a member of Skepta's Boy Better Know collective, was found guilty of brutally raping four women. The outlet says Solo 45, who was charged with 29 counts of rape in October 2017, was found guilty of 21 rapes, five counts of false imprisonment, two counts of assault by penetration and two of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The verdict arrives nearly a month after Solo 45's trial ended. During the trial, four women came forward and testified that the artist, born Andy Anokye, allegedly tormented them by waterboarding, imprisoning some of the women, raping them repeatedly and even pouring bleach into the mouth of one of the victims.

Solo 45 maintained his innocence throughout the trial and said that he would never risk his music career by committing such crimes. He also claimed that the sexual activities he participated in were consensual. He referred to one of the acts as a "rape game." His attorney, Sally O’Neill, claimed that videos of the alleged abuse, many of which were recorded with Solo's phone, show “rough, sometimes unpleasant but importantly, consensual sexual activity.”

However, during the trial, none of the women who testified corroborated the artist's version of events. The women told the court about instances in which Solo 45 allegedly abused them physically, mentally and sexually. They allege that he held them against their will, tortured them with weapons and had cloths with bleach applied forcibly to their face.

A sentencing date has yet to be determined. Judge William Hart has ordered a psychiatric report for the rapper.

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