What do you get when you combine two of Disney's beloved movie characters in a lyrical cypher? An epic rap battle. A new video created by actress Whitney Avalon finds Snow White going bar for bar against fellow pale princess Elsa from 'Frozen.'

In the amusing clip, the two argue over who is the better Disney princess. The put-downs are not too explicit but the ladies do spit a couple of zingers at each other.

"I am porcelain and perfect and your floppy hair is sloppy / I’m fragile but agile, rarely cross / I am sweet, you can tweet, I’m a treat, like a boss," raps White.

Elsa snaps back at White with this biting line, "Who the hell are you to step to me? / An aimless airhead with a vitamin D deficiency / You got no skills 'cause you’re focused on your looks / And let’s get to what was up with you and those seven shnooks (Hi, ho!)."

We can't decide who the real winner is in this battle between Snow White and Elsa. In the end, Ms. Avalon, the creator of the video, is the victor because her video has garnered nearly 800,000 views so far.

Who do you think won this epic rap battle between Snow White and Elsa? Tell us in the comments below.