The new doobie brothers — Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa — are back doing what they do best in their new video for ‘French Inhale.’ The hypnotic song is from the soundtrack to their stoner comedy ‘Mac + Devin Go To High School,’ which is available on DVD.

In the video, Snoop and Wiz show how they like to toke on a blunt, particularly, the French method of puffing, which consist of holding the smoke in and blowing it out slowly through your mouth.

I had a dime that never smoked blunts, just bowls / Taught me how to blow O’s, inhale through my nose / So if you see me smokin’ don’t blow my high,” exhales Wiz.

Snoop, looking like a Rastafarian in the clip, blows out a rhyme about smoking the herb with his crew. “I take it to the face, inhale it through my nose / Blowin’ with the homies on the low, man f— these h–s,” he spits.

For the fellas, there’s also a couple of sexy models showing off their smoking skills, as well. On a side note, that’s pop crooner Mike Posner singing the hook on the song. There’s no question that he got a contact high off this joint. Ha!

Snoop and Wiz’s ‘French Inhale’ is a real slow burner and can be added to the duo’s long list of smoked-out hits.

Watch Snoop Dogg + Wiz Khalifa, ‘French Inhale’ Video