Rihanna is the cover girl for an upcoming issue of the high end fashion bible Harper’s Bazaar. The cover image and photo spread leaked, and there appears to be two separate covers, which these women’s mags often do. One cover is reserved for subscribers, while the other lands on the newsstand.

RiRi is looking lovely in these shots. We’re used to her overly sexy, half-naked (if not totally naked — see her Esquire U.K. cover for evidence ) mag covers. She cleans up nicely for the image to the left, wearing a simple white dress and chunky gold jewelry, which offer an uh-mazing contrast to her jet black hair. The other cover, which you can see below, features Ri in the same, unfussy white dress and flowing locks, unadorned by cover tags and headlines. She looks so healthy and clean, a contrast to the hard partying lifestyle she’s constantly tweeting about.

If RiRi wasn’t such a massive pop star who churned out hit after hit, we’d suggest that she choose modeling as a career because as these images can attest to, the camera doesn’t love Ri; it flat out worships her.

Isn’t she so sexy and mysterious with that holey, white collar over her mouth, obscuring her face? She’s a golden goddess in the dress with the burnished pleating. Don’t even get us started on that fierce catsuit, mmmkay?

The ‘Where Have You Been’ singer also tweeted about her status as a Harper’s Bazaar cover girl. She posted: “I’m on a Bazaar cover ‪#LegitEliteModelShit‬ ‪#phuckyocareer‬.”

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