As he’s gotten older, Snoop Dogg has gone from rapping about weed to being involved in the marijuana business. Between having his own strains and owning the website Merry Jane, Snoop has been heavily involved with weed in recent years.

Now, the west coast legend is teaming up with Famous Brandz to launch a line of smoking accessories. Called POUNDS Smoking Accessories, the line will feature premium water pipes as well as other smoking add-ons. Retailing for just over $100, the bongs are named after Snoop’s recording studios with names such as Battleship, Mothership, Spaceship and Starship.

“POUNDS is my way of offering and sharing a premium smoking experience for any consumers. Whether you’re into flower or oil, POUNDS has the product for you,” the rapper said.

POUNDS products will be available in the United States and Canada and can be purchased in-store or online.


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