News broke yesterday that Siena basketball player, Rakeem Brookins was arrested for felony burglary and grand larceny. More details have been released - and the idea of playing ball in the Capital Region again is starting to look unlikely.

Colonie Police Department
Colonie Police Department

The Siena sophomore admitted to police that he stole the wallet from his drug dealer. Dayumn! Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? According to Brookins, liquid courage played a part in his decision making. “Yup, one night I got drunk… sticky fingers… that’s it man.”

According to reports from the Colonie Police Department, it seems Brookins was cooperative throughout the process. He admitted to visiting the victim’s Town House to buy some sticky icky. The door was unlocked so he walked in. He assumed the residents of the home were sleeping and saw a wallet on the desk. He took the wallet and returned to his dorm.

Brookins used the card very generously, filling up his roommate’s gas tank. He also used the card for a haircut and a 40 ounce of malt licka’.

New Siena coach, Jimmy Patsos didn’t comment on the situation but the player could face suspension, expulsion or loss of scholarship for his actions.

Brookins will return to court on May 8th.


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