In November, a petition demanded that MAROON 5 step down from headlining the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Like that was going to happen, the petition got 85,000 signatures, but nothing came of it because no one cares about online petitions. I've been stressing how online petitions do absolutely nothing for years.

Now that is apparent that Maroon 5 is not stepping down from the performance the petition has been updated. Now the petition is asking Maroon 5, and their guests TRAVIS SCOTT and BIG BOI, "take a knee" during their set to stand with Colin Kaepernick and, quote, "all players who protest police brutality.

Do you think they should take a knee or just be happy to be getting paid to perform? I think this is a difficult situation to put these artists in. They worked very hard to get an opportunity to perform in front of America's largest audience. If they were to take a knee it would probably do nothing but make people angry. If they had the activist spirit they would've never taken the gig in the first place. I think social justice shouldn't be forced on anyone let the artist make their own decision on what they want to do.

If you are interested in signing the petition check it out here.

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