As much as the country struggles to regain some normalcy after a full year of dealing with COVID-19, parents still have the dilemma of whether or not they should allow their children to participate in sports. As a former high school sports superstar, it makes me think back to what I would've done if I was still in school?

Although schools in most of the country are trying to return students back to the classroom for the end of the 2020-2021 school year, fall and winter sports are still on hold for many high school students. Varsity sports are extremely important to high school seniors since sports are often their gateway to college sports and scholarships.

Under normal circumstances, college recruiters rely on experience and video footage to seek potential players. Without a sports season in the student’s senior year, student-athletes run the risk of losing out on the college opportunities that many spent their whole life dreaming about and working for.

Some private schools and youth sports programs throughout the country have been successful in keeping kids safe as they participate in sports activities.

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In some states, students can participate in practices, but competition has not yet resumed. In New York, some public school districts have allowed high school athletics to resume competitive play with COVID-19 protocols in place.

There was already one high school sports death in Hudson Valley on the first day of practice. It’s a tough choice, either way, you look at it. For some kids, sports are the only way they could possibly get a college education.

Children cannot be vaccinated against COVID-19 and coaches may choose to pass on the shots, for now, so not much has changed since fall sports were suspended.

It’s tricky any way you look at it and hopefully, parents will make the best choices for their kids. What are your thoughts, are you comfortable in letting your children participate in sports?

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