Charlamagne awards New Jersey Superintendent Thomas Tramaglini who was revealed to be the serial pooper of a rival high school. The 42-year-old superintendent, who made a six-figure salary, was charged after feces was found on the football field and track of Holmdel High School on a "daily basis." After finding the poop on the track consistently, coaches and teachers set up surveillance footage of the area. Tramaglini was caught brown-handed in the act, police say. The motive behind Tramaglini's poop bombs are still unknown and to make matters more confusing, there are portapotties right near the track. Tramaglini gave a stern "no comment" to when asked why he left a steaming pile of evidence on the high school's track every morning.

Tramaglini has been placed on paid leave until June 30th. A theory behind his fecal escapades is that he suffers from "runner's trot," a condition that makes you suddenly need to empty your bowels while running. Tramaglini has competed in the New York City Marathon but since he had done it multiple times, it seems to suggest he purposefully pooped on the track.

“Dr. Tramaglini’s current contract runs through June 30, 2020, and state law provides him with tenure protection during the life of the contract; this includes prohibition on suspensions without pay in the absence of an indictment or tenure charges,” Kenilworth Public Schools said in a statement. “The Board is mindful of its rights and responsibilities under these challenging circumstances, and looks forward to refocusing its energies on educating our children and serving as responsible fiduciaries of our tax dollars.”

"The fact that it's repeated means that it's intentional," clinical psychologist Edward Hollenbach told "The person is weaponizing the emotion of disgust and using it to upset people." He faces lewdness, littering and defecating in public charges.

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