If your a car enthusiast or some one who enjoys technology this will be very excited to you. BMW and Mercedes both have cars that actually drive themselves. One of the highlights of the 2015 7 series is the ability to self park. Mercedes has a feature on its S series that allows the vehicle to drive on the high way with out any human interaction. Audi is bringing their new self driving car to Albany.

Audi of America will conduct a self-driving vehicle demonstration in Albany near the state Capitol on June 13, the first such event in the Empire State, following an announcement earlier this month by Gov. Cuomo that New York State is accepting applications from companies interested in testing or demonstrating autonomous vehicles on public roads.

Two trained engineers will be in the vehicle to monitor the system and ensure safety, one in the front seat and one in the back seat. The vehicle has already logged thousands of miles on highways across the U.S. safely.

The company’s vehicle routing information has been pre-approved by the New York State Police and its application was approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles on Friday, May 26.

I can’t wait for these autonomous cars to hit the street that way driving and multi-tasking will be so much easier. We are one step closer to really becoming the Jetsons.

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