Schoolboy Q's new video for 'Hoover Street' finds the West Coast native dabbling in gang life as a youngster. The Yellow Nguyen and Moosa-directed clip details just how Q came up amid criminal activity and violence in the streets.

The visual opens up with Q's Hoover Street neighborhood and its residents to set the scene of the rapper's childhood dwellings.

From there, viewers get to see a young Schoolboy Q as he witnesses his uncle selling drugs in the house. Between that everyday occurrence and hanging out with a preteen gang, the TDE lyricist showcases how the environment he lived in introduced him to criminal activity.

Yellow Nguyen and Moosa do a stellar job of capturing the harshness of Q's Los Angeles neighborhood, but they also capture the beauty of sunny California, which is an impressive feat.

Just like the song, the 'Hoover Street' video successfully captures different sides of SchoolBoy Q. The loving grandson, the impressionable nephew and the wiser adult who's now able to put everything into perspective.

'Hoover Street' appears on Schoolboy Q's third studio alum, 'Oxymoron.'