As spring turns to summer, many animals begin to resurface from their long hibernation to find food for their young offspring. For the endangered species known as Gunplay, that means feeding the streets with mo' fire.

Don Logan kickstarts his new album campaign like a gunshot to a 100m sprint by dropping the blistering first single, 'Aiight.' With his MMG boss Rick Ross backing him up with boastful threats, Gunplay keeps it unapologetically gully as always. "She want a thug, n---- / She a little choosie / Beat a life sentence, feel like Lil Boosie," he spits over the speaker-shredding beat.

Classic Gunplay -- nothing more, nothing less. As the lead single from his long-delayed 'Living Legend' album, we wouldn't ask for anything different. This one's more than aiight.

Listen to Gunplay's 'Aiight' Feat. Rick Ross