I can't say I have ever mastered this video game phenomenon, or even attempted to play, (never ever) but Grand Theft Auto gets pulled over & hit with a multimillion dollar law suit from a famous Mob Wife!

VH1's Mob Wives' Karen Gravano, has claimed that the video game has used her likeness without her permission, according to SOHH.com.  She is suing the company who manufactures the popular game, Rockstar Games, for a whopping $40 million dollazz! WHOA!

Gravano, who's father is the infamous mobster "Sammy the Bull", is a sassy mob chick on the hit show Mob Wives on VH1. She claims that a female character in the game named "Antonia Bottino" was modeled after her. Maybe the video game cartoon character wears a lot of gaudy jewelery, has a New Jersey accent, & wears a lot of gold? (IDK LOL, a possibility!)

Rockstar Games, which grossed like a billion in sales in a few short days, denies the claim.  But that's not the first time a starlet has accused them. Lindsey Lohan made the same claim last year.

Listen, with a billion dollaz in revenue pouring in like it's nothing, I would even try to sue saying a cartoon character resembled me! Jus sayin'! That's a lot of dough! Ching ching!!