Mob Wives' "New Blood" season 4 star Alicia DiMichele Garofolo ordered by a judge to pay back entire salary earned from the this season's show!

While divorce plans are in the future for Alicia & mobster husband Eddie "Tall Guy" Garofolo , currently incarcerated, Alicia awaits her fate as the judge assigned to her case has postponed her sentencing again.

Eddie Garofolo is serving a 7 year prison sentence for murder conspiracy, witness tampering & extortion. Alicia awaits a possible 5 year sentence for fraud & embezzlement for stealing union funds from their trucking business, one of the three businesses the couple owns. Alicia also owns 2 boutiques in the Philadelphia area called Addiction.

In the meantime, the judge has ordered Alicia to pay restitution. Because the judge is unhappy with Alicia joining the cast of the popular VH1 reality show "Mob Wives", claiming the show glorifies the gangster lifestyle, she is being ordered to give up all her salary from this season of the show's "New Blood" which she joined this fall.

Okay so how much do these reality show female mobsters make? Well, in Alicia's case, new to the show, she was getting paid $8,000 per episode for a 12 week run of the show's 12 episode season. That's a grand total of $96,000!

For that kind of money honey put my Italian butt on Mob Wives ppllleeeeaaase!!