This sounds more like a scene from a Will Farrell comedy than an actual news story. A 22 year old man from Schenectady, Tyler Bellick, was arrested for trying to drive away from Saratoga Casino and Raceway in a limo occupied by some feisty ladies celebrating a bachelorette party.

Tyler, no stranger to getting behind the wheel after a few drinks, was unable to start his own car because he couldn’t beat the breath-test apparatus that was installed in the vehicle.

When the party girls realized the man was not their driver, they sprung into action. One of the ladies tussled with Bellick as she attempted to shift the vehicle out of drive. Seems like it did the trick!

Tyler fled on foot through the casino parking lot. The angry ladies kept pace in the chase as they trekked through the gambling establishment lot wearing party dresses and high heels.

I’m sure this story will be told many-a-time at the couple’s wedding.