Surveillance video in downtown Saratoga captured the horrifying moment when a motorcycle smashed into an unsuspecting vehicle in the early morning hours of Saturday, June 24th.  In the :21 second video clip shared by the Saratoga Springs Police Department, it appears as though the man on the motorcycle was speeding through a red-light on Broadway when his bike collided with a truck turning left through a green light.  In the video, it does appear as though the truck had the right-of-way when the horrifying collision occurred.

The video of the accident was released to the public on Monday by the Saratoga Springs Police Department after a Facebook post suggested that the gruesome injuries sustained by the man on the bike were somehow the result of police brutality.  The Facebook post - shared at least one thousand times -  shows multiple graphic injuries sustained by the unidentified man on the motorcycle with a caption that reads, "Saratoga police, we want answers now."

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On July 3rd, the "we want answers" Facebook post generated massive amounts of confusion regarding the injuries sustained by the man on the bike, speculating that somehow they were the result of police brutality, and not the crash.

On Monday, the Saratoga Springs Police Department responding by releasing surveillance video of the crash in an attempt the clear the air with the public and exonerate themselves of any unsubstantiated wrongdoing.

Here's in part what Saratoga Police Chief Shane Crooks wrote:

"In order to be as transparent as is permitted at this time, we are releasing a video clip of the accident that this person was involved in on our department Facebook page. Officers responded to the scene and rendered aid until the Saratoga Springs Fire Department arrived on scene. At no time during this incident was force used by the Saratoga Springs Police Department." -Saratoga Springs Police Facebook 

*Warning*  Some may find this video disturbing, please use discretion. Click here to watch

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