RZA's interview with Bloomberg TV aired last night and the Wu-Tang Clan leader made some interesting comments during the conversation. RZA was asked about everything from Donald Trump to the Black Lives Matter movement and managed the draw the ire of many viewers with his answers.

The acclaimed producer was asked about his thoughts on the major incidents of police brutality that have occurred over the past few years. RZA expressed appreciation for the police, but felt those doing wrong are lacking focus.

"I love what the police do for our society, I love the idea of it, to serve and protect," RZA said. "Those who are upholding that idea, then they are beneficial to society. . But those who lose that focus, whether they lose it through fear, through stress, or through not being properly trained—and they are allowed to go out on the streets—how can you enforce law if you don’t understand law?"

But it was RZA's suggestion of what black people could do prevent harassment that had many criticizing him online. Here's what he had to say.

"When you think about some of the brothers who are being brutalized by the police, you also got to have them take a look, and us take a look in the mirror, at the image we portray," RZA said. "If I’m a cop and every time I see a young black youth, whether I watch them on TV, movies, or just see them hanging out, and they’re not looking properly dressed, properly refined, you know, carrying himself, conducting himself proper hours of the day—things that a man does, you’re going to have a certain fear and stereotype of them. I tell my sons, I say, if you’re going somewhere, you don’t have to wear a hoodie–we live in New York, so a hoodie and all that is all good. But sometimes, you know, button up your shirt. Clean up. Look like a young man. You’re not a little kid, you know what I mean? I think that’s another big issue we gotta pay attention to. Is the image that we portray that could invoke a fear into a white officer, or any officer."

The full interview with RZA can be seen on the Bloomberg website.

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