I don’t know about you guys, but I’m bummed that with the passing of Neil Peart,  RUSH isn’t going to be touring anymore. If you never had the opportunity to see them live, I hate to say it, but you really missed out. The amount of sound that comes from those three talented musicians on stage was staggering! So the next best thing is a great concert film that captures some of that on-stage magic from RUSH.

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That’s why it’s so great that RUSH: Cinema Strangiato brings RUSH to the big screen in all their concert glory. It’s the closest thing to seeing the Holy Trinity of Rock live again. The original cut of the movie was out about a year ago and was a huge success. Now we get the director's cut with additional concert footage, additional songs, and more interviews with the band and fans.

On Thursday, September 9th RUSH fans worldwide will come together at local cinemas for some of the best performances from the R40 LIVE tour. Including songs like “Closer to the Hear”, “Subdivisions”, “Tom Sawyer” and some unreleased moments that we haven't seen before. In addition to the concert footage, there will be Interviews, a look backstage, and even the making of Geddy’s book, Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Basses.

Currently, there is only one theater listed showing the movie and that's Regal Cinema/Imax Crossgates. Rush: Cinema Strangiato The Director's Cut will show at 7 pm on September 9th. You can get your tickets HERE.

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