Roddy Ricch has deactivated his Twitter and Instagram accounts shortly after getting negative reviews on a new song snippet.

On Saturday (Feb. 5), the Compton rhymer shared a preview of an upcoming track titled "Out My Mind." "I been low, I been high/Out my body, out my mind/When you take my soul, take yo' time," Roddy croons on what appears to be the chorus of the track. "How many times did I losin' heavy/Wet the whole block they flop, they throwin' tantrum," he continues on the bass-heavy song. "How many times did I blow a bag on dancers?/Don't panic ’cause I'm havin' these racks and rocks/Meet me at the mountaintop/He gon' come ’round the bend with a mop."

The track didn't exactly get rave reviews. "We need 2019 Roddy back cus wtf is this?" one person pondered on Instagram.

"It ain't even that bad but I know Roddy can do way better," someone else commented.

It appears Roddy didn't take the criticism well. A few hours later, he seemed to respond by writing on his Instagram Story, "I guess Ima flop now. Shit crazy." He followed that up with a peace sign before deactivating his IG account and his Twitter account.

roddy ricch deactivates instagram account
roddyricch via Instagram
roddy ricch deactiviates twitter
RoddyRicch via Twitter

Roddy has been the subject of some harsh critiques since he released his sophomore album Live Life Fast back in December. The LP underperformed sales-wise, only moving 62,000 copies in its first week. A couple weeks after the album dropped, Roddy announced a new mixtape.

See reactions to Roddy's song preview and deactivating his social media accounts below.

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