The Glenridge Road bridge in Glenville. The bridge has been struck more times than most of us can count. Every other week (or so it seems) another box truck attempts to pass through the bridge's 10'-11" clearance and fails miserably. This is not a new problem, it's been going on for years and years and years.

The bridge itself is a railroad bridge used by freight trains for shipping and transporting products, supplies, and more. Here's the problem, it's owned by a Canadian Company and they have the rights to the bridge. So the questions come about, who is responsible and what can be done?

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According to State Senator Jim Tedisco's office, the bridge has been struck over one hundred times. In November of 2021 it was hit twice in the span of 20 minutes. More visible signage and even new flashing lights have not stopped trucks attempting to go under the bridge, eventually turning the rig into a giant sardine can.

The most recent strike (as of this writing) took place on February 3rd when a Sysco truck made its attempt to pass under the bridge, losing its top in the process.

By the way, what is the bridge made of that makes it so incredibly indestructible? Maybe we can use that engineering on the Sitterly Road bridge in Clifton Park?

But until something is done that either raises the bridge or lowers the road - or maybe reroutes one of the two, this will likely continue to happen. Anyway, here's a look at the carnage over the years.

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