This past weekend, Rocko was the victim of fake news after reports surfaced that he won his $10 million lawsuit against Future. According to the fake news report, Rocko's settlement had him owning 50 percent of Future’s tour revenue, royalties from his albums and pretty much his soul. Again, there's no truth to the story.

Recently, Future announced that he was dropping another on album on Friday (Feb. 24) called HNDRXX. This prompted a fan to asked the Atlanta rhymer during a live chat if he was releasing a new project because of his lawsuit with Rocko.

In the video above, Future responded, “No,” and said “when n----s go broke they do dumb s---.” He then added, "At the end of the day, we are making history, we are making hits and n----s just want to tag along. That’s what it is, tag-a-long n----s.”

Rocko recently went on his Instagram account to respond to Future's remarks and any reports that suggest that he's trying to get paid off of Future's current success.

"Truth be told I've always believed in Lil Bro that's why I signed him," he wrote in the post, adding, "Future and I could've sat down like men and settled this easily ages ago."

"I'm not out here trying to take advantage of anyone. All I want is my percentage we agreed upon. Nothing more, nothing less," he continued. "I'm not mad at him for being mad at me. If it's ever a time when he wants to sit down like a man I'm with it! But on sum real s---, homie works hard and is very talented and deserves all of his success! I will always support my boy regardless! Pre-order his album!"

You can read Rocko's statement below.

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