When news broke yesterday (June 9) that Atlanta rapper Rocko was suing Future for breach of contract, the lawsuit confirmed what everyone who pays attention has known for quite some time -- something's been weird between these two for years now.

According to Rocko, Future came to his studio around 2003 or 2004 when the "Umma Do Me" rapper was working with Dem Franchise Boyz. A couple years after that, Rocko signed with Def Jam, marking his first deal with L.A. Reid before his solo album, Self Made, dropped in early 2008. But when his main label guy Shakir Stewart, the legendary A&R who also signed Rick Ross, Jeezy and others, committed suicide later that year, Rocko split with the label and started A1 Recordings. He signed Future to the label in 2011 -- before Future's Epic deal -- and in interviews, Rocko claimed he "furnished" Future's deal with Epic.

What he means by "furnished" hasn't always been clear. In 2013, while promoting his second studio album, Honest, Future denied that Rocko had brought him into a meeting with L.A. Reid at Epic. On the other hand, Rocko claimed his role in the meeting was valid. In that same interview, Future described the recording process with Rock as disjointed and inorganic, even saying that one day he just walked into a session, laid the hook for "U.O.E.N.O." randomly and then walked out, only for Rocko to tell him later that he'd kept Future's takes.

Either way, this much is true: all four of Future's major label albums to date have Rocko credited as an executive producer, pointing to a deal Rocko made with Epic (or, more specifically, L.A. Reid, the same guy he signed to back in the mid-2000s). Rocko seemed fine with that for years, but his new lawsuit claims Future made a side deal with Epic that cut the A1 founder out of money he feels entitled to. Late last year, Future even tweeted about Rocko's curiosity. "Bitch nigga callin' around askin' how much money I make...that ain't A1."

The worst part about all this is despite the increased tension throughout the years (many thought Rocko was going at Future on the 2014 track "Phuck U Thot"), these two have made some classic records together. So while OG #FutureHive members stress out over the A1FBG falling out, take a look back at some of the best Future and Rocko collabs throughout the years here.

One interesting note: over the years, Rocko's been taken off numerous Future songs. It started with the 1000 single "Yeah Yeah," which originally featured Rocko back in 2010, but popped back up on Dirty Sprite a year later with a 2 Chainz verse for the remix. Then in 2012, the Astronaut Status cut "Blow" that initially had Rocko and Ludacris was later updated with a Juicy J verse replacing Rocko's. And in 2013, after FBG: The Movie contained the classic Future and Rocko collab "Chosen One," a solo version with two Future verses and no Rocko later surfaced. Must be coincidence.

  • "Ambitious" (2011)

    Rocko Featuring Future

    This is one of their earliest collabs (produced by Zaytoven, no less) and it proves that while they didn't have much in the form of chemistry, they knew which records to get together on. Future kills that last verse though.

  • "Watch This" (2011)

    Future Featuring Rocko
  • "Squares Up Out Your Circle" (2011)

    Rocko Featuring Future

    Easily their most heartfelt collab to date, "Squares Up Out Your Circle" is a classic Future hook over an excellent horn-laden Ensayne Wayne beat. This laid the foundation for their perceived chemistry, as they even shot a video for the track.

  • "Power of That P" (2011)

    Rocko Featuring Future

    This song's got a mighty strange history. It originally appeared on Future's best mixtape to date, Streetz Is Calling. But if you look on the back cover, Rocko isn't mentioned as a feature. That's pretty weird, because two months later the song popped up on Rocko's Gift of Gab as a song featuring Future.

  • "Chosen One" (2013)

    Future Featuring Rocko

    A highlight from the FBG: The Movie tape, "Chosen One" came at a time when Future began working with 808 Mafia. This was a clear highlight from the tape, though the alternate version mentioned above is even better.

  • "U.O.E.N.O." (2013)

    Rocko Featuring Future & Rick Ross

    Released in March of 2013, this was the last collab to come from Future and Rocko -- and what a tragic collab it ended up being for the third rapper involved.

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