Rick Ross threw a crazy party during the Fourth of July weekend. Rockie Fresh gives viewers a glimpse of what went down at the three-day Maybach Music Group gathering in the video for his song "Your Life Remix" featuring Rick Ross and Casey Veggies. Fresh's record works as the soundtrack and he takes the lead on the opening verse.

"Walk with me, come talk with me/I was in Chicago when the boss hit me/Gotta know he a real nigga/Keep it real, don't fuck with niggas/I done heard too much in my lifetime/You know people say what they gon' do/And people act like it's all facts/But most of the time that shit untrue/This is why I only work on my damn songs/Fuck a bitch with my headphones on/Smoked then I head home/I be pulling up in that red zone/Touchdown, take off again/Plans to be everywhere where Ross has been/Everything real we do not pretend/Young nigga got game with a lot to spend," Fresh raps.

The Chicago rapper pass things along to his MMG boss where Rick Ross's verse gets paired up with shots of the Miami rapper enjoying the pool party.

"Puma sneakers, no laces/Slow money, no patience/In my SS with the T Top/I had a red bone, early breakfast/Dirty birds, I got a dome too/40 mil out in zone two/Mississippi my home too/Pimping shit in my bone, fool/Snow crabs with my day ones/Might blow a bag with a stranger/On a bus stop I just sat back/Nigga ride by wouldn't say nothing/All good till my day came/Top down homie, bang bang/R.I.P. to my best friends/These new niggas so sideways," Ross raps.

The remix of "Your Life" appears on Rockie Fresh's The Night I Went to... Los Angeles EP that dropped back in March. The original version of the track can be found on The Night I Went to... which was released in January.

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