To err is human. To forgive is divine. That seems to be Rihanna's philosophy when it comes to Chris Brown, the ex who beat her til she was battered, bruised and bloodied in 2009. The duo are like magnets that can't stay apart, and as rumors continue to heat up regarding their reconciliation, RiRi tweeted a biblical verse about forgiveness.

RiRi and Breezy have yet to confirm that their relationship is back on, but they don't really need to, since he broke up with his girlfriend Karrueche Tran and she sobbed to Oprah about how much she still loves him. They have been spotted on dates and at an event this weekend. So the free world seems to be more than aware that the couple are back together. They just are being coy about "officially" recognizing their status. No Facebook relationship status updates here.

RiRi's tweet certainly seems to be about her decision to go back to Brown despite the fact that he used her face as a punching bag.

You can read it above and to the left, but it is basically about being able to forgive and forget. She equates forgiveness to an act of God, and that it makes you good to forgive. She captioned her post with a simple statement: "Forgiveness wins."

Clearly, Rihanna has a lot of love for Brown and if she can put their past behind her, then it's her business, not ours.

Maybe she and Breezy really found love in a hopeless place.

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