Lil Wayne made a surprise appearance at the St Louis Cardinals Vs. San Francisco Giants game on Sunday, Oct. 21, to entertain baseball fans during the seventh-inning stretch. Weezy didn't rap (thank God), but he did perform a rendition of 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game.'

Dressed in a Giants jersey, matching cap, Trukfit hoodie and camouflage shorts, Wayne was able to get the crowd to sing along to the popular baseball anthem. He didn't hit a home run vocally, but he did get an applause afterward from the Giants fans in attendance.

Hey, at least he didn't sing the national anthem -- now that would have been a real YouTube moment. Wayne was at the game to show his support for Giants second baseman Ryan Theriot, who is a fellow Louisiana native.

After his performance, Tunechi jumped on Twitter to thank the crowd for not booing him. "Just sung "take me out to the ball game" @ the Giants game!!!" he tweeted. "A true life highlight! I thank San Fran for rokkin wit me!"

Thankfully, Lil Wayne proved to be a good luck charm for the Giants as they avoided elimination by beating the Cardinals 6-1 in Game 6 of the National League Championship series.