Rihanna has added another piece of elaborate ink to her already large and extensive tattoo collection.

And no, it’s not the name of either her ex Chris Brown or her reported dalliance Drake — both of whom reportedly battled over her using bottles as weapons in a club late last week — in script over her heart. The Bajan beauty shared photos of a detailed, intricate falcon that she had etched on to the top of her right foot and ankle. RiRi reportedly got the new ink on June 15 in NYC and it is the handiwork of Bang Bang.

In one tweet, she posted: “Falcon s—!!!!” Check out that electric blue, patent leather pump, too. The color highlights her fresh ink.

In another, she gave a little more detail and subtext as to why she may have chosen this particular bird of prey, the wings of which look shaped like a gun, posting: “Falcon: a light that shines in the darkness! Never close their eyes during sleep”

This looks like it’s Ri’s most detailed and artistic piece. Most of her tattoos are tiny and scattered across different locations of her body. This one is incredibly intricate, thanks to the feathers in the wings.

By all accounts — or at least that of Rihanna Daily — the ‘Where Have You Been’ singer boasts a collection of ink that totals 17 tattoos. The “Thug Life” tatt she got sprawled across her knuckles, which some sources have often speculated may not have been real, isn’t included in that inventory.

What do you think of RiRi’s new avian tattoo? Judging by the amount of photos the controversial singer has shared of the tat in the past few days, she is certainly proud of her latest skin art.